API5CT High Quantity Seamless Pipe Steel Pipe 11-3/4' Oil Casing And Tubing Pipe

API5CT high quantity seamless pipe steel pipe 11-3/4' oil casing and tubing pipe
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The main products of our company are the oil casings and oil pipelines. We not only supply our goods with many large oil fields, but also establish a long-term business relationship with the Middle East Europe, Africa and other countries around the world and co-operative very well.
The implemental standards for the oil casings are API 5CT; the specifications include from 60.3 to 508mm; the steel grades include J55, K55, N80, L-80, P-110, C-90, C - 95, T-95 and so on; the merchantable claspers are STC , LTC, BTC , etc.
The implemental standards for the oil pipelines are API 5L; the specifications include from 219.1 to 2032mm; the steel grades include Gr.B, X42, X46,X56,X60,X70,X80 and so on.

Steel casing pipe protects one or many of various types of utilities such as water mains, gas pipes, electrical power cables, fiber optic cables, etc. The utility lines that are run through the steel casing pipe are most commonly mounted and spaced within the steel casing pipe by using "casing spacers" that are made of various materials, including stainless steel or carbon steel and the more economical plastic versions. The ends of a steel casing pipe "run" are normally sealed with "casing end seals", which can be of the "pull-on" or "wrap-around" rubber varieties. Steel casing pipe is also used in the construction of deep foundations.

Nominal sizeOuter diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Inner diameter (mm)Nominal diameter (mm)

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