API Threaded Oil Tubing Coupling

Casing coupling can be divided into two types: one is API coupling, which is produced and inspected in accordance with API standards;The other type is non-api coupling, also known as special threaded joint.
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Tianjin Dalipu Oil Country Tubular Goods Co.,Ltd is specialized in the production and sales of tubing collar, casing collar, line pipe coupling, special collar buckle, all kinds of connectors, tubing buckle joint/transition joint, oil casing pipe plug, blind, tee, four-way, elbow, thread protector (protector cap and can according to customer request processing various collar, buckle, plug, pipe fittings, etc.

Tubing coupling specifications: 1.05, 1.315, 1.66, 1.9, 2-3/8, 2.7/8, 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2.

The company also provides oilfield users with the processing business of special clip/coupling/joint.

The application range of special threaded joint oil casing includes high-pressure gas well, oil and gas mixture well, heavy oil thermal recovery well, low pressure and low permeability gas well, etc.

The steel grades of oil casing cover N80, L80, C90, 80S, M65, 65S, 95S, T95, 105H, 100H, P110, Q125, v140, etc.

Special thread connector type includes TM, NK3SB, FOX, VAM, NEW VAM, NSCC, VAM TOP, TPCQ, WSP 1T, BGT and so on.

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