Oil Casing Tubing L8013cr Seamless Pipe

Oil Casing Tubing L8013cr Seamless Pipe

13cr preservative tubing pipe L80-13cr,P110-13cr
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in stock size:60.32*4.83,73*5.51 ,88.9*6.45,88.9*7.34 ,88.9*9.52 ,101.6*5.74   ,114.3*6.88 ,139*7.72 ,168*8.94 and so on

L80-13Cr oil tubing pipe preservative seamless pipe

casing pipe (171)L80-13cr is a 2Cr13 martensitic stainless steel used in corrosion resistant environments. Such steel pipes are generally used in supermarkets, with a certain concentration of CO2 and less than 150 degrees. Under these conditions, 13cr-L80 steel pipes have good corrosion resistance. As the current development trend of the petroleum industry is deep wells and ultra-deep wells, the use conditions of the pipes are very harsh, and the pipes of ordinary materials cannot be satisfied, so that the corrosion resistance of the l80-13cr series has good development expectations.

Co2 corrosion is a typical electrochemical corrosion

The main cause of corrosion in the oil casing is the high CO2 content, iron ion content, low pH value and high temperature in the well in the oil field mixing. The 13CR oil pipe and the high pressure fluid scouring form a corrosive environment.At present, the mature products of petroleum casings resistant to CO2 corrosion in the world are mainly TP80 3CR/TP80 9CR L80 13CR martensitic stainless steel 22-25CR duplex stainless steel high alloy varieties. The selection of oil well casings should be combined with the actual working conditions of oil and gas wells. Especially in the case of well conditions, such as salinity, temperature, partial pressure, flow rate, CO2/H2S and other corrosive gas content factors, TP80 3CR/TP80 9CR L80 13CR

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