8-5/8 TPFJ Crossover

8-5/8 TPFJ Crossover

Premium Connection pup joint TIANJIN DALIPU OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS CO.,LTD is a modern professional industry and trade combined enterprise, specializing in producing and trading seamless steel pipes. API 5CT series oil casing,tubing, coupling, pup joints and other oil field material...
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The thread processing adopts advanced CNC lathes, and the forming tooth cutter is completed. The off-line products are processed with geometrical dimensions, UPTBG variable buckle joint processing, thread detection (tooth height, FOX special buckle variable buckle joint, JFEBEAR special buckle, taper, close pitch, pitch), IF-REG variable buckle joint, non-destructive testing, impact test Testing, mechanical performance testing. Products are qualified to leave the factory.

The processing of BGC oil casing special buckles has played a very strong role as a watch cover in anti-corrosion oil and gas wells. BGT1 special buckles and BGT2 special buckles.

VAMTOP is the ideal joint for large outer diameter tubing and production casing strings. VAM TOP provides hermetic seals in harsh conditions, including deep wells, highly deviated wells and harsh environments.

VAMTOP HT (High Torque) provides enhanced torque capabilities for liners and completions that generate high torque due to rotation.

VAMTOP HC (High Compression) provides 100% compression ratio for completion.

VAMTOP FL-D is a specially designed joint for liners, providing structural strength equivalent to steel pipes, pressure sealing mechanisms, and continuity between liner segments. Extruded PTFE rings between the ends of the liner achieve later performance.

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