OCTG Crossover Coupling

OCTG Crossover Coupling

OCTG crossover coupling
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This product is one type of couplings ,it is used to connect tubing pipes,the replacment is male which is easy and flexible to operate. We can do different types and speciifcations according to the clients requirement!

Grade: J55,K55,N80,L80,P110

Type1) 2-3/8 NU PIN*2-7/8 EU BOX

2) 2-3/8 NU PIN*2-3/8 EU BOX

3) 2-7/8 NU PIN*2-7/8 EU BOX

4) 2-7/8 EU PIN*3-1/2 EU BOX

5) 3-1/2 EU BOX*4-1/2 EU BOX

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