Sub X-over VAM TOP And NEW VAM Crossover

Sub x-over VAM TOP and NEW VAM Crossover
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Cross Over Sub

Crossover sub is mainly used in oil, gas and geology drilling process to connect with other drill stem parts. It is connected of upper drilling tools and lower drilling tools. It has well structure and well property. Because of the different connecting components, there are different requirements to crossover subs.

Size: All size

Please specify when ordering: Size, Connection.

Cross-over subs are made from 4137H alloy steel.which are fully heat-treated to API specifications.Connections can be cold rolled after machining.if requested All connections are phos-coated or copper-coated to prevent galling during initial make-up.
Type A(Straight OD Subs):one crossoversub has one size(D)on O.D.
Type B(Reduced Section Subs):one crossover sub has two sizes(D1,D2)on O.D.
Type C(Left Hand Subs):the connection thread is left hand type.

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