Anti-corrosion measures for oil casing

- Jan 17, 2019-

1, first grasp the water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. Implement decontamination and re-injection, strengthen the cleaning of the main water pipeline, achieve the standard water quality in the station and the bottom of the well, and reduce the introduction of corrosion sources into the annular space;

2. For the water injection wells that have been newly put into operation, adopt an annulus protection liquid based on dosing and sterilization, and form a system to regularly add;

3. In view of the acceleration of the corrosion of the oil casing by mechanical abrasion, it is recommended to add a rubber ring to the oil pipe coupling or add a centralizer to the serious part of the well inclination to avoid the oil pipe scratching the casing during the operation and water injection. One side contact sleeve;

4. In case of serious bacterial corrosion under scale and slow growth and killing of SRB at high temperature, periodically inject 100 degrees Celsius of high temperature water or water vapor into the annulus to kill SRB under scale;

5. It is not recommended to promote cathodic protection and coated casing before the corrosion in the casing of the injection well is effectively controlled.