Coupling machine development direction

- Jan 17, 2019-

With the development of the petroleum industry, the use of more and more patented buckles has put forward higher requirements for the coupling and screwing machine. The main development trends in the future are:

One: no tooth marks or micro tooth marks

With the continuous improvement of customer requirements and pipe material, the customer has higher requirements for the indentation of the fixture, which promotes the continuous progress of the fixture form, including the use of larger wrap angles and more strips. In order to increase the contact area, etc., but the risk of slipping while reducing the indentation is also increasing, which requires constant exploration and practice in order to have perfect results.

Two: non-ferrous based material fixture

With the increase of the number of tubes of 13Cr and other stainless steel varieties, customers will increasingly require the use of iron-based fixtures for couplings or tubes, which has led to the development of various composite fixtures, but the strength of these composite fixtures It is difficult to compare with the wear-resistant performance of iron-based fixtures, which is also a difficult point for future research.