Measurement and control of torque curve of coupling screwing machine

- Jan 17, 2019-

The measurement of the torque during the screwing process is very critical. Since the screwing is a continuous process, the relationship between the torque parameter and the time will form a curve.

A rotating measuring device (such as a toothed disc or a rotary encoder) is generally mounted on the main tong of the coupling screwing machine to measure the rotation of the coupling to obtain the X-axis of the torque curve.

Because the main clamp of the coupling screwing machine is rotating, most of the coupling screwing machines take the torque on the back clamp of the coupling screwing machine. The main way is to install a force measuring mechanism on the back clamp. It is a tension cylinder or a tension sensor. The current torque (that is, the Y-axis of the torque curve) is obtained by multiplying the measured force from the center of the tube by the measured tension.

The entire data acquisition process can use a specially designed acquisition board, or you can use the analog channel of the PLC. All data is finally uploaded to the upper computer for display and control.

The control of the entire coupling screwer can be done by relays, professional boards or PLCs.