Method for calculating wall thickness reduction of alloy steel pipe during rolling treatment

- Jan 17, 2019-

In cold-rolled alloy steel tubes, the main deformation is completed during the forward stroke rolling process; however, because of the elastic recovery of the work frame: rolls and other parts and the reversal of the pipe before rolling, some mills also send Therefore, the working cone also has a certain or even large deformation during the rolling stroke.

The following formula can usually be used to calculate the wall thickness reduction of forward stroke and back stroke.

Where ΔSn is the wall thickness reduction during rolling of the forward stroke alloy steel pipe; ΔSo is the wall thickness reduction during the return stroke rolling: Vy=(R0+r0)/(Rx+rx)mSx is the feed volume Rate; R0, r0 are the outer radius and inner radius of the pipe; α is the inclination angle of the bus bar of the tapered mandrel; γ is the inclination angle of the working cone bus; Kt is the coefficient of the deformation amount during the rolling stroke, usually available Kt = 0.3 to 0.4.