Several types of steel high-pressure alloy pipe

- Jan 17, 2019-

Alloy steel pipe is also called high-pressure alloy pipe, metal high-pressure alloy pipe, steel high-pressure alloy pipe, steel corrugated plate passage, metal corrugated plate passage, corrugated steel pipe.

The high-pressure alloy tube is a flexible structure with a certain seismic resistance and can be used to large settlement and deformation.

The defect of the high-pressure alloy tube is that it consumes more steel than the tube, and its price is greatly affected by the price of the steel.

High-pressure alloy tubes have been widely used in highway, railway and housing construction projects abroad. Some developed countries not only have factories for making corrugated pipe sections, but some countries have also issued standards and regulations for the planning and construction of high-pressure alloy tubes. Before the liberation of China, the highway and railway departments also used bellows sections imported from abroad. At present, China has a factory specializing in the production of corrugated pipes. Given the many advantages of such management, China's steel output value has already reached the forefront of the world. The prospect of promoting the use of high-pressure alloy tubes in China is very broad.