Alloy Steel Pipe Cutting Phenomenon

- Jan 17, 2019-

Sometimes cut at the location where the alloy steel tube is processed, the cutting technique will be used for further processing, and stainless steel will show some unique phenomena during the cutting process.

First, the alloy steel pipe has a high temperature. The cutting process generates a lot of heat, but the material of stainless steel thermal conductivity is even worse. The heat is concentrated in the cutting area and the blades, and it is not easy to dissipate heat.

Alloy steel pipe

Second, the strength of the alloy steel tube is easily deformed. In the process of stainless steel cutting, because of its elongation, austenitic stainless steel, in particular, will produce large plastic deformation, which has certain processing difficulty. In addition, the strength of the stainless steel itself is large, increasing the resistance during the duplex process and increasing the cutting force.

Third, the reduction is very difficult. The alloy steel pipe is a hard material with good plasticity and toughness, but at the time, the treatment was reduced because it was not easy to break, and it was easy to adhere to the surface of the cut stainless steel, resulting in excessive wear. It was caused by tool wear, resulting in pits of the blade, forming tiny pieces. Shape and gap, combined with stainless steel hardness is very high, in direct contact with tool cutting, friction, wear tools, work hardening phenomenon, can increase tool wear), stainless steel surface treatment.

Fourth, stainless steel is easy to expand. During the cutting process, a large amount of heat is generated, which causes the stainless steel to expand and increase the difficulty of cutting.