Alloy Tube Rust Removal

- Jan 17, 2019-

First: the descaling grade, for the construction process of epoxy, vinyl, phenolic and other anticorrosive coatings commonly used in alloy tubes, it is generally required to achieve the near-white level of the alloy tube surface. With this descaling level, almost all scales can be removed, and rust and other contaminants fully satisfy the adhesion requirements of the anti-corrosion layer and the alloy tube, and the spray derusting process can be stabilized at a lower cost. Reliable quality to achieve near-white conditions.

Second: In order to achieve the desired effect of the rust removal effect, it is necessary to select the abrasive according to the hardness of the surface of the alloy tube, the degree of original corrosion, the required surface roughness, the type of coating, etc., single layer epoxy, second layer or three. A layer of polyethylene coating, in order to achieve the desired descaling effect, requires the use of mixed abrasives of steel grit and steel shot. Because the steel shot has the effect of strengthening the steel surface, the steel sand has the effect of etching the steel surface.

Third: In order to obtain better uniform cleanliness and roughness distribution, the design of the particle size and proportion of the abrasive is very important, because the roughness is too large, it is easy to cause the anti-corrosion layer to become thinner at the anchor peak. At the same time, because the anchor pattern is too deep, it is easy to form bubbles in the process of anti-corrosion, which seriously affects the performance of the anti-corrosion layer. (In actual operation, the ideal ratio of steel grit and steel shot in abrasive is difficult to achieve)

Fourth: Before the blasting treatment, the grease and scale on the surface of the alloy tube are removed, and the tube body can be preheated to 40-60 degrees Celsius by using a heating furnace to keep the surface of the alloy tube dry, because the surface of the alloy tube is It does not contain dirt such as grease, which can enhance the effect of rust removal. In addition, the surface of the dried alloy tube is also beneficial to the separation of steel shot, steel sand and rust and scale, so that the alloy tube after derusting will be used. The surface is more clean.