Development Of Alloy Steel Tube Billet Heating Technology

- Jan 17, 2019-

The development of alloy steel pipe tube billet heating technology tube billet heating furnace in China () in the 1950s are used oblique furnace, artificial materials, temperature, manually adjusted by the instrument. After the 1960s, the use of ring furnaces and furnaces began gradually.

Development of alloy steel tube billet heating technology

In the first half of the 1950s, tube billet heating furnaces were manually adjusted using an inclined bottom furnace, artificial materials, and temperatures represented by the instruments. After the 1960s, the use of ring furnaces, furnace temperature control, and MCU control, computer control, computer control, and computer control were gradually introduced until the 1990s.

Squeeze tube unit low output, small diameter tube billet induction heating furnace, in order to reduce the production of iron oxide; high output, large diameter tube blank ring furnace preheated to 8001, and then use induction heating furnace to heat the extrusion temperature. The ingot of the large top tube is heated using a box furnace (similar to a forged furnace).

The second punch is then fed into the heating furnace; the cup slab heating furnace is inclined furnace or valve valve furnace; the extruder in front of the reheating furnace uses induction heating furnace to reduce the production of iron oxide).