Do You Know What Is The Problem Of Alloy Steel Pipe Defects

- Jan 17, 2019-

We have found that some blanks have defects and what are the defects? The hot strip production plant gives you an answer:

The airbag is a similar shrinkage defect for the first time in the sheared portion of the boiling alloy steel tube. Part of the vertical symmetry axis of the tongue shape wave, wave particle inclusions appear gap, blood boiling, discoloration, and so on. Sometimes bulging, tearing, large phenomena such as shearing on the surface spread, the surface of the finished board is convex, the cross-section is in the shape wave of the tongue, and the alloy steel pipe is passed through the long hole.

Then there is an internal crack in the cracked steel slab. The rolling shearing part has a convex abdomen phenomenon that forms a symmetry in single or double wave peaks. There is a blue flame crack phenomenon under the peak, and the wave does not precipitate a low melting point material.

The internal temperature of the second internal heat is higher than the surface temperature of the ingot, and the rolling is swollen. The surface of the alloy steel pipe is uneven, shear-relaxed, and spread. The "П"-shaped wave appears in the sheared portion, and there is no low-melting material overflowing at the peak.

The tail hole net says that there is no hole in the tail of the alloy steel pipe, also called mechanical shrinkage hole, but the wave is asymmetrical, the surface of the concrete overflow is smooth, and there is no inclusion.

The last tooth is a longitudinal crack defect on the surface of the alloy steel tube. The cracks are extensive and deep, gradually closed at both ends, the surface is smooth, and there are no inclusions inside.