Wall Bushing

- Jan 17, 2019-

The wall bushing is also called a wall pipe, a waterproof casing, a wall pre-buried pipe, and the waterproof casing is divided into a rigid waterproof casing and a flexible waterproof casing. The two are mainly used in different places. The flexible waterproof casing is mainly used in places where the human defense wall, the pool and the like are required to be high. The rigid waterproof casing is generally used in the basement and other pipelines where the pipeline is required to be piped.

The flexible through-wall waterproof casing is a hardware fitting suitable for structures with vibration or tight waterproofing requirements when the pipeline passes through the wall. The general manufacturer is manufactured according to the S312 and 02S404 standard atlas developed by the Institute of Building Science. The wall of the flexible through-wall waterproof casing penetrates the wall. In the case of non-concrete, the concrete wall should be replaced, and the casing must be solidified once in the wall; the flexible wall-through waterproof casing is widely used in construction, chemical industry, steel, Tap water, sewage treatment and other units.

The rigid through-wall waterproof casing is a steel pipe with a wing ring (the ring made of steel plate is placed on the steel pipe), and is installed in the wall (mostly a concrete wall), which is used for the general pipe through the wall to facilitate the waterproofing of the wall, and the flexible wall In addition to the outer wing ring, the waterproof casing has a retaining ring and the like. The inner flange of the flange is sold in sets. It can also be processed by itself. It is used for pipes with shock absorption requirements, such as pipes connected to the water pump. Time.

Whether it is a flexible through-wall waterproof casing or a rigid through-wall waterproof casing, it is used for pipes passing through the walls of buildings that are subject to vibration or tight waterproofing requirements. It is commonly used in construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage treatment. And other units.

When the pipeline penetrates the shear wall foundation of concrete structure, wears the beam, and wears the special-shaped column, it should be installed together with the civil works. The reason is that after the hole is reserved, the secondary casting between the casing and the concrete is not easy to handle; some cannot be handled, such as installing a rigid wall bushing on the base concrete shear wall of the basement.