Wall Bushing Selection

- Jan 17, 2019-

1, type and type selection

Depending on the installation location, the house type and the exterior type can be selected. The wall bushing with conductor and the mother without conductor can be selected according to the application.

Linear wall bushing. The inner conductor distribution device generally uses an aluminum conductor through-wall sleeve.

2, rated voltage selection

It is selected according to the condition that the rated voltage of the through-wall bushing is not lower than the rated voltage of the power grid. When there is ice and snow, the 3~20kV outdoor wall bushing should use a product with a higher voltage. For 3 to 6 kV, a product that increases the voltage of the two stages can also be used.

3, rated current selection

The wall bushing with conductor shall have a rated current of not less than the maximum continuous operating current of the circuit in which it is located. The busbar type wall bushing itself does not have a conductor and there is no rated current selection problem, but the busbar size allowed to pass through the check window should be checked.