K55 Tubing

Oil tubing is divided into flat type tubing (NU) and thickened tubing (EU).Flat tubing is threaded without thickening and with a collar.The thickened tubing is threaded with coupling after external thickening at both ends.
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Oil and gas extraction: after the well is drilled and cemented, the tubing is placed in the reservoir casing to extract oil and gas to the surface.Water injection: when the downhole pressure is insufficient, water is injected into the well through the tubing.Steam injection: in the process of thermal recovery of heavy oil, heat insulation tubing should be used to input steam into the well.Acidizing and fracturing: in order to increase the production of oil and gas Wells at the later stage of well drilling, the oil and gas reservoir needs to be fed with acidizing and fracturing medium or fixed matter, which is transported through tubing.

1. Specification range: outer diameter: 42.16mm-114.3mm (1.66"--4 1/2") wall thickness: 3.56-16mm(2.3ppf-26.1 PPF)

2. Materials: H40, J55, K55, n80-1, n80-q, l80-1, l80-9cr, l80-13cr, P110, Q125 etc

3. Implementation standards: API 5CT, GB, ISO11960, GOST

4. Buckle type: NU, EU, IJ

Length: R1, R2, R3

6. Detection: NDT etc related rules of API 5CT and 5B

Type: seamless steel tube

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