High Quality API Oilfield Casing Thread Protector Rolled Steel/plastic

High quality API oilfield casing thread protector Rolled steel/plastic
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1. plastic Thread Protector
2. thread protector for casing
3. thread protector for tubing
4. thread protector for drill pipe

Name:Plastic thread protector, petroleumThread Protector

A. Thread protector for Tubing (Composite type---Steel is inserted in plastic)

B. Thread protector for Tubing (Plastic type)

C. Thread protector for Tubing & Casing (Composite type---Steel shell & plactic inside)

D. Thread protector for Tubing & Casing ---Pin (Composite type---Steel shell & plactic inside)

E. Thread protector for Drill pipe (Composite type)

F. Thread protector for Drill

With pretty appearance, various variety and complete specs from 2 3/8” to 20” tube, Casing and Drill pipe thread protector all ready, and manufacture special connection/thread according to the requirement of customers.

Technical specifications and parameters for Thread protector
OD for TubularSizes & ThreadType
60.33mm2 3/8″NUcomposite & all plastic
2 3/8″EUcomposite & all plastic
73.03mm2 7/8″NUcomposite & all plastic
2 7/8″EUcomposite & all plastic
88.9mm3 1/2″NUcomposite & all plastic
3 1/2″EUcomposite & all plastic
114.1mm4 1/2″NUcomposite & all plastic
4 1/2″EUcomposite & all plastic
4 1/2″STCcomposite & all plastic
4 1/2″LTCcomposite & all plastic
4 1/2″BTCcomposite & all plastic
127mm5 ″LTCcomposite & all plastic
5 ″BTCcomposite & all plastic
139.7mm5 1/2″STCcomposite & all plastic
5 1/2″LTCcomposite & all plastic
5 1/2″BTCcomposite & all plastic
168.3mm6 5/8″BTCcomposite & all plastic
177.8mm7″STCcomposite & all plastic
7″LTCcomposite & all plastic
7 ″BTCcomposite & all plastic
193.7mm7 5/8″LTCcomposite & all plastic
7 5/8″BTCcomposite & all plastic
219.1mm8 5/8″STCcomposite & all plastic
8 5/8″LTCcomposite & all plastic
8 5/8″BTCcomposite & all plastic
244.5mm9 5/8″STCcomposite & all plastic
9 5/8″LTCcomposite & all plastic
9 5/8″BTCcomposite & all plastic
273.1mm10 3/4″STCcomposite
10 3/4″BTCcomposite
339.7mm13 3/8″STCcomposite
13 3/8″BTCcomposite
508mm20 ″STCcomposite
20 ″BTCcomposite
Drill pipeNC26 (2 3/8″IF)composite
NC31 (2 7/8″IF)composite
NC38 (3 1/2″IF)composite
NC46 (4″IF)composite
NC50 (4 1/2″IF)composite
5 1/2″FHcomposite
We can design and manufacture the premium thread protectors according to the customers' requirement, and supply the frame for tubular.

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