Pup Joint 13CR

Pup Joint 13CR

The 13Cr grade is a 2Cr13 martensitic stainless steel used in the petroleum industry in corrosion resistant environments.
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13CR Oil Tubing/Casing Pup Joint: our company specializes in the production and customization of oil casing and tubing products, and the execution standard is api-5ct api-5l api-5bSpecification for oil tubing: 1.315 "--4-1/2", NUE,EUE, and can process various sizes of 2ft-20ft tubing nipple, tubing double male nipple, change-over connector, changing buckle coupling, tubing thickening nipple, reducing nipple and so on according to the orderSpecification of oil casing: 4-1/2 "---20", buckle type: STC,LTC,BTC, etc.Material/steel grade: J/K55,N80, l80-1,80SS, l80-3cr,L80 13Cr, l80-9cr, super 13Cr,P110, p110-13cr,TP110S, etc.Products include: oil product casing, tubing short joint, thickened tubing short joint, casing short joint.Double male short, high voltage short.Tubing adapter, tubing reducer, tubing adapter, oil/casing thread protector (thread protector)According to the order drawing, we can process 2ft-40ft, various sizes of straight tubing, tubing nipple, tubing double male nipple, change-over connector, change-over coupling, change-over nipple, tubing lifting nipple, change-over nipple, etc73 5.51 88.9 9.52 114 6.88177.8 10.36 139.7 7.72 298 12.42 L8013CR oil casing spot







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